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GoSports Perfect Volleyball Set Trainers

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  •  PERFECT SET: A must have training accessory for developing fundamental setting form! Set includes 2 set trainers for volleyball players of all skill levels 
  •  PRO SETTING FORM: The blue rubber pad on each set trainer encourages players to set just like all great players - with their fingertips instead of their palms, resulting in improved passing and teamwork 
  •  OPTIMIZE TRAINING: Elevate crucial setting skills and break bad setting habits during practice for better performance on game day 
  •  SOFT ELASTIC DESIGN: The elastic strap is one size fits all and comfortable for hands of all sizes 

GoSports Perfect Set is a must have  volleyball training accessory to teach proper setting technique. All great players set the ball with their fingertips and not their palms and this innovative training device helps players learn that crucial fundamental and break bad habits. The elastic strap is designed to fit hands of all sizes and the soft rubber pad prevents injury from missed sets.