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Diving Toys 30 Pack Water Toys with a Storage Net Bag - 30Pack

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Our ultimate water toys set includes:

Diving Sticks 7’’ – 4 Pcs,

Diving Rings - 4 Pcs,

Pirate Treasures - 6 Pcs,

Toypedo Bandits - 4 Pcs,

Dolphin Toys - 2 Pcs,


1.THE ULTIMATE SWIMMING TRAINING TOY SET: Our diving toys set offers an impeccable chance to improve your kid's diving skills. The underwater diving rings and sticks settle at the bottom of the pool in an upright position, making it easy for one to grab while diving.

2.YOUR KID’S FAVORITE POOL ACCESSORIES: Our sinking pool toys will make a great addition to your swimming pool accessories for kids. They come with a storage net bag, making them easily portable. You can carry them to the beach, pool, or enjoying using them during bath time.

3.SUPERB QUALITY: Made to perfection using premium products. Our swimming pool toys for kids made of 100% non-toxic ABS material. You simply get the best from us

4.ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Our water toys for kids are safe and gentle on your toddler's delicate hands. The diving sticks, rings and fish toys are smooth and easy to grab. They don't have sharp edges that may harm your little one. We've incorporated enhanced safety measures

5.PLAY FUN GAMES TOGETHER: Get to enjoy treasure hunting games with friends and family. Our kid's pool toys come with diving gems ideal for fun treasure hunt games. You'll have a great bonding time as you play together and create lasting memories.