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Beach Sand and Water Toy Set for Kids BPA Free

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 This set comes with colorful molds to build majestic sandcastles, create fun designs, and even comes with sand squares to leave your child’s creations looking crisp and smooth. The set also comes with a reusable zippered carrying case for convenient storage between playtime or for travel to take it with you on the go! Playing in the sand or with water is good old-fashioned fun that helps to encourage cooperation, imaginative play and outdoor fun through play. It is truly a great activity for families and kids of all ages, and is perfect for beach days, vacations, a sandbox, or even the bathtub!

  • FUN FOR ALL AGES- The colorful set features various sand molds to make different fun shapes and castle structures, as well as sand squares to make the edges of the designs crisp and smooth. The set is truly a timeless toy that is a beach day staple and fun for kids of all ages.
  • INSPIRES CREATIVITY- The toy set can help to encourage imaginative play, outdoor fun, and even cooperative play. Kids can use their hands and creativity to build majestic castles, fun sand designs, play with water, and more.
  • BPA FREE- Each toy in the set is made from BPA free thick plastic that is not only safe for children to use but can also stand up to harsh play. The durable toys will last through normal wear and tear and can be passed on to younger siblings!
  • CONVENIENTLY STORES- The set includes a convenient carrying bag for easy storage between play. The case also makes it easy to take the toys with you and your little one to the beach, sandbox, outdoors, or even to the bathtub!
  • PRODUCT DETAILS- Set includes: Sand castle molds, smoothing tools, shape molds, sifter, carrying case. Carrying Bag Dimensions: 9.5x6x6.5”. Material: BPA Free Plastic.

Assembly Required