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Action camera & phone chain link fence mount.

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Supports ALL GoPro models, most action cameras and phones. This product is not just a piece of printed plastic like you'll see in some listings .Engineered and tested to last by athletes! We've tested this at 100's of games over the last 5+ years. We've worked with real impact analysis and applied design modifications to ensure this is the easiest most durable fence camera mount out there... and it's made here in the USA!

Not all fences are made the same! Chain link, netting, poles and more! We've used this on all of them. Adjustment is KEY when purchasing a mount as fixed position action camera mounts just don't work for all situations. Quick and easy to adjust for the perfect shot for baseball, softball, tennis, soccer, horse barrel racing and more!

Enjoy the game and never miss a shot with FenceDad! This mount is the best fence mount for your action camera or phone. Supports all GoPro models (Hero, Black, etc), DJI Osmo Action and other brands of action cameras.

We designed and built this mount after spending too much time on the fence when we wanted to record the game and not enough time just watching them play. Once this mount is setup, it never has to be moved or adjusted. It can handle MOST impacts due to the shock absorbing features (not designed to take direct hits to the front or back).

This can be mounted to a chain link fence, pole, etc. with its 4 bungie hooks with a locking adjustment for positioning. The camera mount can be adjusted up and down as well as forward and backwards to get the right angle on the shot.

Comes with standard finger mount with screw tightener. We include everything you need minus the camera. You can add your own mount to the standard 1/4 20 thread (similar to a standard tripod mount.

We've made several iterations of this product and we've finally landed on a version that handles impacts, adjusts easily and takes up little space.

***This product includes ONLY the Mount and DOES NOT include a phone or camera

Tested Cameras (Yes, we've tested them all!)
- GoPro Hero 9
- GoPro Hero 8 Black
- GoPro Hero 7 Black
- GoPro Max
- GoPro Fusion
- GoPro Hero 7 Silver
- GoPro Hero 6 Black
- GoPro Hero 5 Black
- GoPro Hero5 Session
- GoPro Hero4 Black
- GoPro Hero7 White
- GoPro Hero4 Silver
- GoPro Hero4 Session
- GoPro Hero3+ Black
- GoPro Hero3+ Silver
- GoPro Hero3 White
- GoPro Hero
- GoPro Hero+ LCD
- GoPro Hero+
- GoPro Hero
- DJI Osmo Action
- Mevo Start