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2pc Polar Hydro Evaporative Cooling Hat UV Reflective Protection Bucket Solar Cap

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These Hats Combine UV Protection, Reflection, And Controlled Evaporative Cooling Technology

         Combines 99% UV protection, 80 reflection of the sun's heat  waves, and a controlled evaporative inner lining. All this keeps you up  to 20 degrees cooler even on the hottest summer days. Simple just wet  the inner lining and put on the hat. You will get instant relief for  hours! 

         Polar hats built in radiant reflective barrier will keep you  safe, block harmful UV sun rays, and reflect the heat back into space.  The same technology used by NASA to protect astronauts from extreme  solar rays and temperatures in space is used on all  hats. These hats  are durable, breathable and light weight. Best of all they are unisex  and adjustable, so one size fits most.  


  • KEEPS YOU COOL & COMFORTABLE - The evaporation cooling  inner lining keeps you 20? F cooler for 5-10 hours per water soaking.  The breathable reflective coating reflects 99% UV rays and 80% of the  sun's heat. Keeping your head cool and comfortable like your in the  arctic!
  • BLOCK'S HARMFUL UV RAYS - Using radiant barrier  technology these hats reflect back 99% of skin damaging UV rays with a  tested UPF of 800+. Also blocks and reflects back 80 percent of the suns  solar heat.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND BREATHABLE - The fabric used to  construct each Hydro Cooling Bucket Hat is lightweight and breathable.  Its special ventilated design helps keep you cool! It's the same type of  performance fabric that's commonly used in performance sportswear.
  •  WORKS WET OR DRY - The special solar hats reflective material reflects  heat and works even when the hat's dry. To gain access to the  evaporative cooling technology that will keep your head up to 20 degrees  cooler in the heat, you'll need to wet your hat by filling its inner  liner with water.
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL - Nylon Pano + Small tissue +  EVA foam.  Anti UV Ray, Solar Protection, Light, & Breathable. Men  & Women unisex design. Perfect for golf, baseball, outing,  gardening, hiking, running, and those hot summer days
  • Dimensions:11"x14"x1" Weight: 0 Lbs 6 Ounces