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16 Pocket Fishing Vest

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Bring all of your fishing gear with you without being weighed down with the 16 Pocket Fishing Vest by Wakeman Outdoors. This vest has adjustable side and shoulder straps to be a comfortable fit and keep gear handy for everyone. It features two large pockets that have EVA foam shells for packing different lures and fishing gear without getting crushed. It also has 4 interior and 10 additional outer pockets to allow you to carry everything you’ll need for a fishing trip. It also has two retractable tethers and a specialized pocket for scissors, pliers or clippers. The Nylon cloth material is easy to spot clean with a damp cloth or sponge when needed and is durable enough to hike upstream or over land to your next fishing spot. The vest features 10 D-rings that can be used to carry a refillable water bottle, extra spools of fishing line or other supplies. The back of the vest has an expandable pack for carrying extra bulky items, and compression straps to keep the pack in place when not in use.

  • ADJUSTABLE FIT- This bag features adjustable side and shoulder straps. This allows for a customized fit to be comfortable for anglers of all shapes and sizes to wear. The straps can be tightened to keep the vest in place while hiking upstream.
  • DURABLE- This fishing vest is made of durable Nylon material that’s thick enough to resist snagging and tearing. The two large pockets feature EVA foam shells to prevent your delicate lures and gear from being crushed.
  • 16 POCKETS- The vest features 16 pockets to provide ample storage for all of your tackle and fishing accessories. There are 10 exterior and 4 interior, including a specialized pocket for scissors. There are also 10 D-rings and 2 retractable tethers.
  • EXPANDABLE BACKPACK- The back of the fishing vest has an expandable backpack that can be used to hold extra bulky items like water bottles, tackle trays and more. There are two compression straps that keep the pack in place when not in use.
  • PRODUCT DETAILS- Materials: Nylon and EVA Foam. Side Strap Length: 38” – 58”. Shoulder Strap Length: 20” – 27”.